Frequently Asked Questions


  • Spot clean the vegan leather with a damp clean cloth, baby wipe, or paper towel.
  • For tougher stains use lukewarm soapy water. Only use a very mild detergent.
  • Use non-toxic or harmful surface sprays only on tougher staining mess e.g. tomato-based sauces are a little more tricky. 
  • Do not machine wash, tumble dry or iron. 
  • Always allow the vegan leather to dry completely before putting it away to prevent any unwanted mould.
  • Air dry flat before folding, rolling or hanging to store. 
  • Be careful with sunscreens as they may stain the vegan leather.
  • Our products are stain resistant not stain proof - so trust us anything permanent is permanent. Please avoid using markers, pens, scissors, acrylic paints or any products contains acid or chlorine.

Avoid sharp objects, acrylic paints, chlorine, harsh chemicals, markers, ball point pens, as they may result in damaging your products.

Certainly, the best way is to actually use your products, although, laying them out flat in the sun for about an hour or so, will do the trick!

When products are folded they will naturally develop crease lines. These will soften over time. 

We also recommend using a hand steamer on the back of the mat to get stubborn wrinkles out. Do not iron. The more you use your products, the more the vegan leather will soften and form its natural shape.


Our products are made of vegan leather. They look and feel like genuine leather, although, they are 100% synthetic and contain zero animal materials. The composition of our vegan leather is PU, DOTP, REACH norms dyes and pigment, with microfibre base, and contain no lead or harmful chemicals. 

Everything in our collection is 100% vegan, 100% cruelty free, and 100% perfect for modern parenthood.

All our products are handmade. As vegan leather is soft in texture, when laser printing, slight smudging and inconsistency of colours may occur. We do a best to clean this up, although, smudging can occur due to the nature of the material we use. This is not deemed as a default. Every item may slightly differ, as the products are handmade.